Why do we exist?


Why do we exist?

A question that haunts me on this dark night,

What is my purpose, where do I find the light?

Do I run through the forests looking for answers,

Or follow the footsteps of forgotten ancestors?

Why do we exist?

Is it because one molecule likes another?

Or because of some divine force, the great mother?

What do I make of my life, of humanity,

Are we a gift, transcenders, or our own futility?

Why do we exist?

To conquer, raid and stand tall,

Or to wonder, trade and learn all.

What are the world’s secrets, why are we here,

Who sent us, what drives us, should it be fear?

Why do we exist?

Are my answers at the top of a glorious mountain overlooking the earth,

Or down in the homes of the poor, the ones who feel true mirth.

Is it simplicity that brings happiness or fulfilled desire,

Is it mercy, love or revenge fueling the fire?

Why do we exist?

My question echoes and persists,

I know no answer that truly fits.

One day I hope to find why I exist,

Without anyone to bend me or sway me or add their own twist.

Why should we exist?

If we do not search for reason,

Listen to all others and commit self-treason.

My biggest dream is to live away in the mountains,

A humble cabin, free from all who hold us as captives.


– Riddhi Verma 11 AICE R

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