1:47 am

i saw your eyes.

i saw them every night 

as i closed mine.

they were everything 

i could never imagine. 

your eyes made the galaxies.

they were the sun, 

the moon and the stars.

they made the rest of the world 

shine less bright- 

even if just by a little. 

your eyes made it okay 

to kill a man

and dance on his grave. 

to feel unfathomable pain

and smile while feeling it.

your eyes made fire. 

the kind that enveloped my mind,

my soul, and my being,

and kept them safe 

in the darkness of the night.

You look into my eyes

and I look into yours.

The stars still bright-

only a strike of colour.

They are as blue as I imagined.


Meghna Gaddam 10C


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