Funny little world

i live in such a funny world

full of funny people.

they talk about not being judgmental

yet all they do is to criticise people,

people they have never even spoken to.

They talk about feminism,

yet they can’t stand a woman wearing clothes

“that show too much skin.”

I live in world where

Feminism is looked down upon

but ‘menism’ is trending on social  media.

I live in a world where

“menstruation” is more a taboo word than rape.

A world where people getting bullied

is recorded instead of being stopped.

People look at depressed people as if they are plagued.

and choose to move away from them rather than stay and help.

I live in a world where

family consists more of friends

rather than the actual family.

A world where parents spend more time

listening to colleagues than their kids.

Yet they act surprised to see

that one day when the stock market has fallen,

their children have grown up.

Oh! what a funny world.


-Aditi Sundaram 11 ISC S

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