-Ruia Safir 12 ISC S




  1. The colour is no longer a symbol of power. It is no longer molten lava or sword hilts or the crown of a Queen. Now, it is Icarus falling from the heavens. Now, it is a shade of mortality.
  2. It’s an endless summer haze- lawn and linen and sour lemonade. And the dying sun. The gold impaled transience in your heart. You cannot hold on to sun rays.
  3. Laughter. Undying, undulating laughter. A piercing gaze that cannot be undone. Feather touches that flush your cheeks. Your heart sparks with the gold of love. But the laughter slowly dies. And love fades away.
  4. “Be still and know I am with you” – Psalm 46:10. The gold letters in the church scream. The gold letters in the church are fading. The gold letters in the church peel.

cherry red

/ˈtʃɛri rɛd/


  1. Lust, like death. Cold and cruel and unforgiving. Unexpected and confusing. Confused with love.
  2. A passion for danger. A hunger for what cannot be known. An almost animalistic want. We’re no better than animals.
  3. Intoxicated with pain. Pain that cuts too deep to simply put a Band-Aid on. But insignificant and invisible. Aphrodite poisons the wine.

slate grey

/sleɪt ɡreɪ/


  1. Black is too far. Black is a commitment. Why not stay in between?
  2. The dreary indecisiveness of a cloudy day. The feeling of unfulfillment.
  3. Charon awaits his golden drachmas. Hades knows not of crimson blood. A Shakespearean tragi-comedy. It seems to be a little too late.




  1. Waiting for gold to be lustrous.
  2. Craving a love so deep it’s cherry red.
  3. Wishing the slate gray rain clouds would go away.


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