Good Enough


-Kaveri Rai 12 ISC (S)

“Is it good enough?” is a question uttered almost a thousand times a day by the average teenager.

“Are my grades good enough?”; “Are my extracurriculars good enough?”; “Are my clothes good enough?”; “Is my intellectgood enough?”; “ ‘Are my looks good enough?”; “Is my personality good enough?”; and, of course, the most frequent, “Am I good enough?”.

“Will we ever be good enough?” is a question that has no answer to it. Modern society, driven by popular media –social and traditional– has been constructed in such a way that it expects nothing but perfection from every individual. Everything we do is calculated and carefully curated. And the resultant judgments, unlike in earlier times, are instantaneous and ubiquitous. If one falls short, the feedback is in our face, even if we do not want to get it or see it. There’s no escaping judgment, especially from our peers.

All of this means that we are constantly thinking of the consequences of any and everything we do. Which in turn means there is little joy to be had in pursuing an activity that all the happiness has been sucked out of.

Increasingly, our sense of self is always measured against another’s. We are no longer whole by ourselves but in relation to others. “Did I score better than X?” “Is my project/internship bigger than Y’s?” There is no end to this list. We are never content with being the best version of ourselves for it is important for us to be the best among our peers.

At the end of the day we need to realize that being good enough will never be enough, so maybe at some point, we have to decide to pull the plug on the ‘enough’ and concentrate solely on the ‘good’.

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