– Anika Gururaj 11


That’s all it would take. But for some reason, I couldn’t go up to her. She was so beautiful that it was intimidating. She was tall, probably a few inches shorter than I, but definitely taller than the other women in the room. Her hair was a jet-black curtain, making her look like a dark angel. Her piercing blue eyes scanned the bookshelves, not finding anything to borrow. She huffed in frustration, stomping her foot like a child, and for the briefest of moments, she didn’t look quite so daunting.

I decided that I was going to count to ten, then approach her.


She shifted to the next shelf, in search of that one worthy piece of literature.


She came up empty-handed once more and let out a groan of irritation.


She gave up on the books, returning to her table at the café nearby.


She finished her coffee and threw it in the bin


She munched on her muffin, devouring it in a few minutes.


She threw her litter in the trash and paid at the counter


She glanced around the room, settling her eyes on me.


She furrowed her brows in confusion, moving towards me.


She arrived at my table and gave me a pleasant smile.


She said hello.


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