Dear Readers,


Here we are again with the second printed issue of The Scribe. We’d first like to thank you all for the overwhelming support and constructive feedback we got for ‘Pulp’ – it was rather unexpected but much appreciated, and very helpful indeed. For example, one of the suggestions we got was to make it thicker, and to that end, you may notice that we have significantly more art, writing and photography in this issue than we did the last issue. Admittedly, that was less us actively taking this suggestion, and more the students of high school showing up by the dozens to contribute and deliver more and more fantastic work to us.

This is tremendously gratifying work, and each member of The Scribe absolutely loves what they do. We hope that this projects onto February’s issue ‘Blueprint’. We are working to put out more in the coming academic year, so stay tuned for lots more to come in 2018! We encourage you to constantly, continuously submit any art or writing you have because The Scribe team, and our teacher-in-charge, Ms Sheela, are absolutely astounded at the talent we have here in Aditi. So we stand by what we started with: don’t be afraid to express and inspire!

Inika Chikarmane, Malini Narayan, and the rest of The Scribe team.



beginning /bɪˈɡɪnɪŋ/ noun : the point in time or space at which something begins.

At this moment in time and space, something has indeed begun. Something that began when two eager hopefuls ached for a space to create, inspire and discover enticing content crafted by one alike. In a pursuit to be different and do different, we managed to devise something big over late night skype calls and hastily typed out emails.  Something called ‘The Scribe’; A representation of many facets of a single, idea-divulging mind. United in voice but individualised by perspective.


There’s a certain vagueness in ‘somethings’, however. What exactly is The Scribe?

Well, primarily, it is a school magazine; but we like to think of it is as a stage. A stage to say your piece. A stage to showcase your art. A stage to sing your heart out. A stage where you can uninhibitedly, unabashedly be you.


“Be yourself” is a phrase that is grossly overused by the Oprahs and Step Up movies of the world. What does it even mean? If you cannot define it for yourself, we certainly cannot define it for you. That’s where the beauty of The Scribe lies – in its lack of boundaries, in its lack of definitions. If you have something to say, something that does not even follow a tangent, say it. Let your passion smother you. Let your voice be heard. And most importantly, let the Scribe help you get there.

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