Your love for the boy came from the depths of the ocean.

Every star stood out that night –

even Artemis held her moon up high.

Still, you wouldn’t look around,

you wouldn’t, or couldn’t, see

the waves crashing into the lightless beach,

because your heart was set.

Let me tell you a secret, child.

Love like that,

It doesn’t come from Eros’ arrows.

I was born from the ocean foam – so I know that the truest love comes from the ocean.

But now I’m no longer of Cyprus.

This world has hardened me.

(I see you haven’t let it do so to you).

But nothing ever dies as it was born.

So be warned child, you cannot feel for him when the dawn comes.

When the dawn comes, drape yourself in the ocean and sky.

You are ethereal in this world.

To the boy by the beach, you must say goodbye.

Before the ocean,

love begins within.

And if you can love a stranger so much.

Imagine how you could love yourself.


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