I am from swings and sculptures,

The cracks in my red oxide floor.


I am from Maggi in the rain

and Geeta Akka’s dosais –


From firecrackers and gul on my face

(Borderline safety hazards and all)


I am from the songs we make about each place we go;

I come from high highs.

I come from low lows.


I am from the exercise balls we use as seats.

From home videos and books that spill –


Like coffee. I am definitely from coffee.


I am from all the “Good Morning’s” and all the “I love you’s”

I am from all the “Screw you’s” and all the “Screw you too’s”


I am from the preteen quotes that hang over my bed

I am from long talks with my cousins and long battles in my head.


I am from the photo albums my father curates carefully,

I am from my mother’s need for a joint family.


I am from an ecosystem.

A community.

A sanctuary.


I am home.



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