Jane Doe was just a girl,

Much like you or me.

Jane Doe, with her innocent smile,

Seemed happy as she could be.

But Jane Doe, with her doe brown eyes,

Sobbed herself to sleep.

And come the morning, when she woke,

Nobody saw her weep.

Jane Doe stood up for her friends,

And rode upon their highs.

When they were upset, they went to Jane Doe,

And she lent them her shoulder to cry.

But when Jane Doe called,

And let loose her despair,

They turned a blind eye, left her with monsters to fight.

Frankly, they didn’t seem to care.

But one day, Jane Doe, with her punctual ways,

Failed to show up on time.

“Where’s Jane Doe?”, they exclaimed,

Ignoring the terrible sign.

They found Jane Doe, sound asleep,

But they couldn’t open her eyes.

By her side, lay a crumpled note,

Which the following words described –

“I was Jane Doe, and I’ve lost my fight,

And now, I bid you goodnight.

If only you were there, and showed me that you cared,

Maybe I’d still be alive.”

-Siddhant Satapathy 11 ISC

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