Ash grey fur adorns its little body, and a tail twice its length. It scurries through the gutter, unseen by man, feeding off of scraps from various dustbins. Even though it is no bigger than their palm, most people are too terrified to go within two inches of it. But I had a peculiar experience with this creature. 

It was a warm Sunday morning and my family was eating breakfast when an uninvited guest made an appearance. 

It bolted towards the toaster in our kitchen and hid behind it.  Startled, my sister and I screeched and leaped onto our chairs with the same speed as the poor, little thing. We then proceeded to spew out an array of profanities and shouts of distress. The animal stayed quiet though. We saw it for all but a second but spent the next hour in fear of it. My next encounter with it came far too soon.

I was busy writing out an essay, so engrossed in it that I didn’t notice the little being bolting across the floor, heading straight towards me. It brushed against my leg, and that was it. I jumped onto my chair letting out a horrified screech. The next day the animal was caught. It didn’t look so terrifying after all, trembling with fear in a cage. My driver took the cage and drove a few blocks down to set the poor little thing free.

All this drama over one little mouse.


-Anika Gururaj  11 AICE

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