Baby Shoes

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

The words incite feelings so forlorn

A primal emotion of grief

All is lost, with nothing to gain.

The heaviest coffins are often the smallest

Those little ones with their smiles so earnest

And the proud parents standing close behind

Hoping that no evil befalls their precious child.

Alas fate has no sense of emotion

No feeling of joy or pain

It merely exists as a reminder to us

That reality is oftentimes too painful to bear.

Some children lose their parents to age

Some children lose their parents to crime

But something that no parent wishes for

Is for their own child to die before their time.

Life is all but a tasteless charade

A mere quest to find some form of meaning

All that one really has to live for 

Is to find something worth believing in.

Life may be long; it may be short

Fate being nothing but a risky gamble

One must always face these situations

With a sense of defeat and acceptance.

Losing a loved one is a pain like no other

Something that no amount of mourning can ever cure

But what one can do to move forwards

Is to accept it as a loss against life.

There is no way to prepare for death

Nothing to do to lessen the pain

All we can do to honour those we lost

And live our lives remembering their names

Accepting grief, loss and pain

Is a process that takes years or even decades

But what it gives when finally achieved

Is a memory to honour the ones who passed on.

Aryaman Neelakantan, 11 ISC

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