Birthday Party

Shrieks filled the air as the children ran in all directions, the little girls bunching up their obnoxiously large frocks, its many layers hiding their face from view. Each one seemed to be competing on how high their ponytail could go, some looking a little alien, their skin pulled back tight. The children played hide and seek for a while, many refusing to accept defeat after being found, claiming they had to be caught. It was then time to cut the cake. 


The swarm of youngsters rushed to the table the cake was set on, each one for some reason eager to situate themselves right next to the birthday girl. Once she cut her cake, the birthday girl was smashed with it, chocolate coating her little face. Her friends then proceeded to claim the chocolate decorations scattered across the cake’s surface, their attitude quite serious towards this. 


I watched all this from a distant table and thought, “I totally wasn’t like this at their age!”

Anika Gururaj, 12 AICE


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