Book Review: The Tin Ring: How I Cheated Death by Zdenka Fantlova

For Zdenka Fantlova, life was blissful. It revolved around her family, her schooling, and her boyfriend: Arno.  1938, however, tears apart this perfect picture, marking the beginning of the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. In her book, Fantlova describes the tortures of concentration camps and the gruelling horror of surviving it all. Amidst all this darkness is one symbol of hope given to her by her love- a tin ring. 

I’ve read a lot of holocaust survivor stories but what sets ‘The Tin Ring’ apart is Fantlova’s raw, vulnerable writing. It’s full of heart-wrenching pain and loss and definitely should be read alongside a box of tissues. At the same time, there are warm fuzzy moments of beautiful young innocent love.

 The book will terrify you with the unimaginable extent of human cruelty but it will also leave you with bright glowing optimism at the strength of human endurance and the ability of love to thrive in the darkest of places.

Shivani Gowda, 11 ISC

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