Crease. Fold. Sail.

A Paper boat is more than just a folded sheet. It represents life. It symbolizes each of us and our ability to breeze through life like a boat sailing atop the gentle waves. We are all a blank sheet of paper that can be used in a myriad of ways, each with the potential to be turned into something monumental, unique and unparalleled. 

The empty page waiting to be painted, written and sketched on, to be molded into countless possibilities and realities. 

Each individual fold depicts a different season of life, changing its course, every time you bend the paper it transforms into something new, seasons too differ, the slushy yet romantic monsoon will not have summer’s glorious shine; a crisp and clear autumn will not have the stark beauty of the enduring winter.

Every little crease holds the key to the next fold, every crinkle reveals a different facet of your personality.

How you adjust to whatever life is throwing at you, how you adapt, how you prepare, determines how deftly you will sail, whether you will float admirably or sink to the bottom overcome by the pressure. 

There will always be waters threatening to envelop and drown you, you need to figure out what to do to stay afloat, which fold will keep you alive? One must be in tune with the winds, constantly adjusting their sails so that they accelerate the journey forward. In the night, one does not look at the dangerous, dark depths of the ocean but towards the gleaming stars to guide them, to aid their adventure. No matter how dark it is around us, there is always light, it just depends on where you are looking for it.

A Paper boat is more than just a folded sheet that floats, it guides your journey across the waters and the many seasons of life. With all the bumpiness and storms– ensure you make your sailing journey worthwhile as you gather lessons after every storm and celebrate every victory as you emerge and evolve into the person you are meant to be. 

Suhani Rathi, 10 ICSE

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