‘How To Make Paperboats’ : a creative interpretation I

It’s children with messy hair and crooked smiles who find happiness in the little things. Jumping into puddles with your friends, making little boats and setting them afloat, laughing for no reason at all, it’s about joy in it’s most unadulterated form. It’s innocence, carefree grins, crinkled eyes and open minds. It’s making a paperboat and setting it to sea, certain that it would reach the farthest corners of the earth without a tear. It’s loud laughs that surprise you as they escape, it’s skinned knees and cartoon bandaids. It’s happiness simply for the sake of it, bereft of worries and anxieties and inhibitions. It’s living in a whirlwind world, slowing down, taking a breath, savoring the moment. It’s about making a little boat and letting it go, the feeling of being part of something unfathomably bigger than yourself, the idea that maybe, just maybe, that boat could float forever.

Avaantika Vivek, 11 ISC 

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