‘How To Make Paperboats’ : a creative interpretation II

You sit with eyes glued outside, cheeks cupped in your tiny hands. The gentle rain drops splatter against the smooth window pane. A brilliant spark. Gleefully smiling, you appropriate an a4 paper, a discarded newspaper, a tissue paper. Crease by crease, hands trembling, an intangible excitement envelopes you. Your creation is ready. You run outside your house, barely keeping up with your feet. Crouching towards the ground, you gently place your work in the nearest puddle, allowing its sailors to take over. As the rain pours, with soaked hair streaked over your forehead and the cool caress of monsoon wind, you marvel as your vessel comes to life. It teeters along the rippled surface, setting off on its voyage. Your hand shoots out, fingers stretching as though to grab your bit of art. It seems just out of reach. That’s the beauty of it. The rain pounds your outstretched hand. Crease by crease, fold by fold, your paper boat carries away a small piece of your childhood. Never to return.

Akash Shroff, 12 AICE

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