Music Review: Joji

In 2017, fans of the YouTube channel TVFilthyFrank were gutted to hear that the creator of this content, George Miller would be hanging up his YouTube boots and taking on a new project under a new persona, and thus began the career of Joji. Joji’s genre can only be described as music for rainy days, some of it elating, others deflating, but all carrying the unique vocals of Joji. The production of all his tracks are superb and remind us of the likes of Supertramp and Pink Floyd. His work is also very experimental, constantly looking for new sounds to incorporate in his ‘lo-fi’ vibe, this has resulted in some very different sounds, like the use of bottles in the song Demons. Having released one EP (In tongues), one album (Ballads 1) and several singles (most recently sanctuary) Joji continues to impress with the pushing of new vocal and sonic limits. Some of his best songs include Slow Dancing in the Dark, Sanctuary, Demons and Pills.

Aryan Mackhecha, 11 ISC

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