Music Review: The Hidden Gem’s ‘Hawaii : Part 2’

For most people, December 12th,2012 was a normal day, however, in a small corner of the internet an album was released under the pseudonym of ミラクルミュージカル (English: Miracle Musical) called Hawaii: part 2. This once in a lifetime operatic album carries a wide range of symphonic, melodic and lyrical styles and does so unapologetically. Two stand out songs in this album for me would be “White Ball” and “The Mind Electric”. White Ball, inspired by Western classical styles, features a beautiful string section and features amazing vocals courtesy Joe Hawley (the man behind Miracle Musical). The lyrics themselves speak of a graceful love between two individuals and convey that feeling beautiful using very powerful imagery. “The Mind Electric” combines classical and electronic in a way that is fresh, powerful and enrapturing from the first beat. The lyrics convey the story of the capture, trial and sentencing of an individual for a crime he didn’t commit and it could not be more impactful. With amazing piano and guitar sections, this song is truly unique. Hawaii:Part 2 is a fresh new take on what constitutes and album and how to be inspired by various styles. It is this fresh new take that hooks one on to the album and keeps one listening right till the last note.


Aryan Mackhecha, 11 ISC

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