Paper Boats


She watched Dad’s fingers act

Swift and nimble

As he folded a paper boat

That would grow to be a symbol

Of times she didn’t care of yet


Adamant to learn 

She mastered the art

To set sail with her pirates

A new journey to start

As they voyaged the seas of their backyard


New dawns awaited

Her paper crew and mates

As rain poured 

Like buckets on their face

She was the captain of her little paper fleet


But glorious ships and braveheart sailors

Don’t always last 

Once you get older

They’re all things of the past

Mighty floats are just paper boats


But still she sits

Soft comes the rain

And she folds paper boats

Filled with the pain

Of someone who wants to go back


She sets them sail 

A gentle goodbye

With the hopes and dreams

Of times gone by

She hopes one day she’ll see those dreams


Paper boats

That float to missing seas 

Do gently move on little streams

Carrying cherished memories


Oh childhood, be at peace.

Nikita Tatachar, 10 ICSE

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