Paper Boats

The autumn sun peeking out through the clouds,
The warm rays embracing the shallow puddles and pools,
The young children eagerly set out,
To enjoy the welcoming evenings after the monsoons.

The carefree laughter echoing in the streets,
The gleeful splashing spraying water everywhere,
The children with their hearts so open,
Their minds so free without a care.

They release into the flowing water,
An armada of little paper boats,
One for each child,
One to go the farthest and make them all proud.

Each crease so carefully folded,
The boats carry the creator’s pride,
One by one they all sink,
One by one their little smiles die.

And after a few minutes the laughter is back,
The children are happy once more,
For unlike us adults who hold on too tight,
The children know when to let something go.

Life is nothing but a series of paper boats,
Each one carrying a single aspiration,
They all travel as far as they can,
Yet one by one they will all sink.

We must learn to accept and move on,
Life is too short for us to hold on,
To all the unnecessary pain and grief,
We must begin anew, turn over a new leaf.

Aryaman Neelakantan, 11 ISC

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