Slay the Dragon


A child’s fantasy

Of wooden decks and torn sails

Tarnished by weeping storms

As mentioned in fairy tales

Riding wave after wave

Like mighty humpback whales

Voyaging to the horizon

Carrying their dreams and vision.


Excited eyes glisten

Droplets roll down window panes

Faces pressed against the glass

Excitement flowing through their veins

Watching lakes form on pavements

And rivers flowing into drains

Scraps of paper fold and crease

Tiny hands make a masterpiece.


Speeding on the sidewalk

They come together

A group of bright minds

All ready to set sail with one another

Drenched hair and wet clothes

Unbothered with the weather

“Forward, to the waters!”

Commands the Captain

“Let’s slay the sea monsters

And the fiery dragon!”


A child’s imagination 

Of untamed wild limitless scenes

No one can hold

And no one can seize

For the sky is their limit

Stretched far beyond the seas 

But what happened to those little happy faces?

Why have they changed to blank empty spaces?


Dreams that were once huge, bright and heavy

Are soon replaced by doubts

And many “I am not ready-s” 

Their old creations and ideas

Struggle to stand still and steady

For one by one their paper boats

Become words scared to leave their throats.


When actions are soon ruled by judgement 

They are in fear of making a ‘wrong’ move

For what if the people around them

Are not going to approve?

Desperate minds clouded with shame

Look at others and think “How can I improve?”

But let me stop you right there and loudly say

Your paper boat is different from theirs,

And you shall do it your own way.


Dream big once again

And make your own creations

Let them sail far and wide

Across the seven seas, rivers, and oceans

Let your eyes glisten once more

Let your veins carry goals and ambitions

Slay the monsters and the dragon

For you are your own life’s captain.

~your paper boat will sail

Samyukta Reddy, 11 AICE

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