The Sun

And then there was light.


Brilliant fiery radiance expanded across the universe, lit up the world. Where there was once darkness, there was now illumination. What was once surfeit with nothingness, now boasted a riot of color, movement and raw primal violence- the cacophony of creation.

The cosmos was alive.


Centuries consumed and withered away, in mere seconds. Time ebbed and flowed, till, in one quiet corner of infinity, a star was born.

The potent vigour of his parturition ignited the wide unknown, lit streaks of flushed brilliance that spread like throbbing veins of electricity. In adoration, heavenly spheres encircled him; pledging their lives, their eternal devotion, and undying love. A family of nine, bonded by love and by duty, to revolve around the one sun.


They basked in his radiance. His love was warm golden yellow nectar that embraced them wholly, unconditionally. It burned in their crimson stormy tempests, curled into their mauvish clouds and cajoled their hard unyielding ice and rock until it relented.


The sun was caring and kind. In the dark depths of pitch black, he was the bright new day. His bubbling laughter warmed even cold Neptune; he sprouted lush forests and delicate flowers that threw back their heads and laughed gleefully in the sun’s light. In childish animation, the sun smiled back, tinted shades balanced precariously on his cartoon nose. Happy.


The generosity that blossomed in his heart entwined the planets and bound them under the yoke of love. All their life in service of one god. One sun.


But no happy family is without its squabbles. In this one too, on occasion, sporadic bursts of anger and arrogance shot out in vivid blazing flares. Sharp pin pricks of pain inflicted upon his loved ones scattered blisters of grief across the galaxy-but it did not concern him. No matter his kindness, no pretense can hide that a star will always consume all those around him. It was his nature to burn.


Yet, it is in a family’s nature to forgive. So the anguish is brushed away, the tears dissimulated, hidden from the world’s view. Gratitude is constantly stained on their smiling lips, bright cherry red of sickening sweetness. Their hushed dissent disappears on the brink of another sunrise.


That is how a family loves its sun- with immovable loyalty and untouchable partiality. Only they, in the face of tides of hatred and angst, can conjure the memory of a forgivable gleeful toothless grin. Only they can bless a poisonous soul with tender adoration because only they can remember its innocence. Only they can persistently believe in reform. Only they can swallow their pride, only they can forgive. Only they can love a monster.


And one day, the sun lights up in sudden feverish fervor and the Milky Way trembles under his rage. In an instant, the planets melt away and dissipate into darkness, like they’d never existed in the first place. Like a careless child sweeps away a drawing in the sand, there are no planets, no sun.


And then there was only night.


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