This magazine is run by the 9th and 10th grade students of Mallya Aditi International School.

This is a platform for the children of Mallya Aditi International School to share their art, videos, photos, writing and ideas; but more importantly; to express themselves.

Meet the team that strives to give you nothing less than the best of content every single time.

The Scribe Editorial Team:


Editors – in – Chief: Malini Narayan and Inika Chikarmane


Web Designers: Adya Kadambari and Rithish Gopinath


Managing Editors: Aryaan Anand, Anirudh Ajila, Roshni Prasad, George Poonen


Staff Writers: Trisha Ajila, Camran Lateef, Meghna Gaddam


Design Directors: Siya Kumar, Ritu Kashyap, Adhya Menda, and Ishana Girish


Deputy Editors: Mahir Pradhan, Arya Anagol and Panu Hejmadi

This effort would not have been possible without the help of Ms. Sandra Britto and the encouragement of Mr. Jayarajan